April 2007

Not my normal posting (Ok, so I don’t realy have a normal posting), but this really bugs me.

I ran across this article today:

“I’ve got some sawdust: can I call it chocolate?”

The generalist idea is that the Chocolate Manufactures Association and
Grocers Associations are asking the FDA to change the rules so that a mixture of vegetable oil, whey protein, and artrificial flavorings can be called “Real Chocolate” even though they don’t have any real cocoa (chocolate) or dairy in them. I personally don’t like the idea of being sold chocolate (and saying for it) when it isn’t actually chocolate. Not to mention the few (and very few) benefits of eating chocolate will be gone, replaced with increased Trans Fats instead. And it would be perfectly legal for them to advertise these as real chocolate if it’s passed. If this bugs you too, then you can go here:

(This is a website of a chocolate manufacture who doesn’t want to have this happen)

On that site you can click on the “How To Help” link that will take you to FDA where you can register your concerns with this rule change. Only catch is that the comment period end the end of day April 25th (tomorrow).

They’ve done it again in Basketball, National Champions two years running, and simultaneous champions in Basketball and Football at the same time. Love my Gators!!

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