May 2006

Well, I finally got my new brake kit installed on the truck. This is a set of SSBC 13″ slotted rotors with enlarged 3 piston aluminum calipers. This replaces the stock 11″ rotors with 2 piston steel calipers. This translates into more stopping power as well as more consistent stopping power. Of course, I’ve got the added grip of sport truck tires that have a larger contact patch than the stock tires. Without this, I would just be hitting the ABS threshold faster instead of stopping faster. Here are some before and after pictures.

Stock brakes

The upgraded brakes

Ok first good story I’ve heard about spammers, though it’s not all good news. Apparently there are some card scammers that use stolen credit card numbers to buy goods and get paid by spammers and then run with the goods and the cash to let the spammers deal with the chargebacks and indentity fraud investigations. 🙂  So, it’s good in that it cost spammers money and makes their lives harder, bad in that it’s at the price and annoyance of people who have had their credit cards numbers stolen.

You can read more about it here:

Carders scam spammers – The Register

or here:

How Many Spams Can a Scammer Scam If a Spammer Can Scam Spams? – The Washington Post

Ok, two nasty little vulnerabilities people should be aware of have popped up.

First, late last week, a security hole in MS Word was revealed and a corresponding trojan virus that takes advantage of it.  More information can be found here:

There is no patch yet from Microsoft, so follow best practices, don’t open documents/files you weren’t expecting to recieve from people.

Second there is a trojan worm going around that likes to attack yahoo instant messenger users.  It will send a link to a website to your IM contacts encouraging them to download and install a “Safety Browser”.  Of course there is nothing safe about it.  More information here:

Again, don’t click on links you aren’t 100% sure of, even when they look like they’ve come from a friend.

Well, I finally got around to posting up my instructions for installing FC5 on a sharp MM20 laptop. This is definitely one of the best versions yet to run on this laptop. It’s not perfect yet, as suspend modes aren’t 100% consistent, but it is getting very close. Anyway, you can read about it here:

Fedora Core 5 Linux install on a Sharp MM20 Laptopt.

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