3. FC3 Sharp MM20 laptop.

Ok, I’m changing this around some, I’ll be putting new updates on this page, but for the full install instructions you will need to still go to this page:

Installation of Linux (Fedora Core 3) on a Sharp Actius MM20 laptop (Link broken at this time)

This is because, well I’m lazy and it’s to much trouble to get it all to fit in the new layout. That and there are a lot of links to the old page I don’t want to break.


March 29th, 2006 – Oh, yes, hibernate works too 🙂

March 28th, 2006 – Ok wow, been a while, but a lot of updates. First off, I’m back to running Linux on my laptop. For a few months I had to go with WinXP Pro, I needed access to WPA wireless networks, and I was sick and tired of DRI in Linux getting worse and worse. Fedora Core 4 was absolutely miserable, didn’t try for very long. Anyways, I’m now back to linux becuase Fedora Core 5 is, well, incredible. With a swap of hardware (I replaced the Mini-PCI network card that comes with the laptop with a Intel Pro/Wireless 2915ABG card), I now have WPA working. Also thanks to some hardwork on the part of Brian Hinz, H. Peter Anvin, and Benjamin Herrenshmidt, DRI and AGP 4x are now working! So here is a list of what I now have working on Fedora Core 5: DRI with AGP 4x, Suspend to RAM, WPA WIFI, plus everything else I had before. Hibernate may work to, but I haven’t tested it yet. Oh, and no more i8042.nomux on the boot command line, Me, Dmitry Torokhov and Scott Paul Robertson nailed this one down! I’ll write up and install guide for FC5 soon, but just wanted to give a sneak preview.

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