May 2007

The latest version of Pidgin (used to be gaim) was released. I haven’t found any nice rpm’s for Fedora Core 6 yet (that would install) so I went ahead and made my own. No warranty whatsoever on anything about them. They work on my FC6 box, and that’s about all I know.

The rpm files are here.

UPDATE: Ok as many are well aware of Fedora Core has now switched over to Pidgin and the pidgin group now has a YUM repo setup and working for Fedora. So my rpm’s aren’t needed, just go to and use their YUM repo.

Here is a good article on what SELinux in RHEL 5 has brought to the table. Some cool new features and a lot more protection:

There is also some interesting points in the comment section. Basically, a reminder that NO security mechanism is 100% safe, but it’s better than nothing and should always be considered when looking at what you need for your deployment.

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