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MythTV in HD now working :)

Well, I finally got MythTV all setup and running how I would like. Thanks in part to the work of Jarod Wilson’s Fedora Myth(tv)ology and the Wiki I’ve installed all the software and configured everything to work with my … Continue reading

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New addition to the family

One small non-tech related post. Mid August, our son was born and joined our small happy family of Mother, Father, and Muirna (our dog). He was a healthy 9 lbs 4oz and mother and child are doing well. Very busy … Continue reading

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Germany destroys it’s computer security research.

Well, today is a good day not to live or work in Germany if you make your living with technology.  Today Germany officially makes it illegal to use or develop security tools which could at all be used as “hacking … Continue reading

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LinuxWorld San Francisco wraps up.

Well, LinuxWorld San Francisco Expo and Conference wrapped up this week. I was the Security Track Chair (Part of the Program Committee) and hope that people found the talks helpful and full of quality tech info. Unfortunately I missed out … Continue reading

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Excellent news for Linux!

Excellent news for the Linux community, Judge Dale Kimball ruled late yesterday that SCO does not own the Unix and Unixware copyrights, that in fact Novell owns the copyright. This seriously guts SCO’s lawsuits with IBM, RedHat, AutoZone, and the … Continue reading

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Published another Grid Article

Wrote another article about Grids.  This one is about migrating from WS-RF to WS-RT.  It covers some of the general issues and components of each standard you’ll have to focus on and provides links to more detailed information for implementing … Continue reading

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