About David Cafaro

So you want to know more about me! … Why?

Since you are determined here goes…

I’m a computer geek at the core. I had my first real experience with computers in middle school where I soon had the teacher asking me how to do things and referring students to me to answer questions and fix problems. At that point I was hooked. Since then I managed to get my BS in Computer Engineering and my MS in Computer Science.  I have worked in several technology fields including Telecommunications, System Administration, Networking, Security, Programming, Financial Industry, and Legal Industry. I’m presently practicing my skills as a security engineering leader for a global law firm.

My current interests include: Enjoying time with and traveling with my Wife and Sons, visiting National Parks (34 at this point), Computer and Network Security, Gadgets, All things Open Source (focus on Linux), Hot Peppers (I grow Carolina Reapers), Trucks/Cars (My greasy hands hobby), Reading (which I’ve been slacking on lately), and most recently Fencing.

Some highlights in my tech life:

Projects I’m currently working on:

My day job is leading Information Security Technologies at a large global law firm.

I’m currently volunteering as the staff lead for The Diana Initiative mentoring programs, including CFP, Speaker, and Scholarship mentoring (2023-2024).  I’m also a member for the CFP review board for the conference (2021-2024).

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