Home Network Design

Here is an overview of my home network setup:


  • UniFi Dream Machine Pro Special Edition – Core Router/Firewall (1 Gb FIOS Internet)
    • Core Switch and WiFi Access Points Directly Connected via trunked ports
    • Multiple Segmented VLANS: Core, Media, Utility, Labs, Guest
  • UniFi Switch Pro 24 – Core Switch (10 Gb uplink fiber)
    • Non-Core Switches, Printers, Devices Connected
  • UniFi Switch 8 x2 – Lab (1 Gb uplink) and Office (2 Gb uplink) Switches
    • Office Switch uses two 1Gb ports in aggregation trunk for 2Gb uplink
    • Lab Switch uses single 1Gb trunk port for uplink
  • UniFi Switch 8 PoE – Media Center (1.25 Gb uplink fiber) Switch
    • Single 1 Gb trunk port for uplink
    • All wired game systems, media streamers, etc..
  • UniFi AC Pro WiFi x2 – Backyard and Office WiFi Access Points (1 Gb Uplink)
    • Each uses single 1 Gb trunk port for uplink
  • UniFi U6 Long Range WiFi x2 – Upstairs and Basement WiFi Access Points (1 Gb Uplink)
    • Each uses single 1 Gb trunk port for uplink
  • Brother Network Color Laser Printer with Duplex
    • Primary printer
  • Canon PIXMA PhotoPrinter and Scanner w/Network connection
    • Primary for Photo Printing and Digital Scanning/Copy needs
  • Synology 6 Bay NAS – 14 TB HD Storage w/Raid 5 + 1 Hot Spare, 1 TB m.2 Cache w/Raid 1 (2 Gb uplink)
    • Two 1 Gb ports in aggregation trunk for 2 Gb uplink
    • Media Libraries, Laptop Backups, Cloud Backups, and at rest encryption enabled
  • UniFi Protect –  5 Outdoor Cameras (mix of 1080p and 4K) and 60 Days of local continuous video recording.
  • All UniFi devices are locally connected only, no cloud based management (remote access is via privately managed VPN)

The family has multiple laptops, media streaming devices, game consoles, test machines, and other IoT devices connected to the network.  Security is important so key systems are segmented via firewalls where possible with logging and monitoring enabled through syslog and Synology Log Center and Splunk.

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