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The annoyance of brute force attacks.

I run several servers, all of which run linux, OpenSSH, and Apache HTTPD. Some run VSftpd as well (legacy requirements). They all are attacked by brute force hacking attempts daily, yes daily. Every day I go through my logs and … Continue reading

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Upgrade from a Treo 650 to a Treo 680…then what…

Well, I decided about a month ago that the old Treo 650 was getting old and needed a little refresh, I generally keep my PDAs for about 3 years before upgrading, and that’s about how long it’s been. Unfortunately, there … Continue reading

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Fedora 7 Linux on Sharp MM20 laptop install guide

I added the Fedora 7 install page to the collection. There wasn’t that much to it, I just added some tweaks from previous write ups and new things I’ve found. The base install works perfectly fine, but I like these … Continue reading

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