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LinuxWorld/OpenSolutionsWorld next week

Well, I’m getting ready for LinuxWorld/OpenSolutionsWorld next week. Not to much to do, most things I’m responsible for, I’ve taken care of. Looking forward to it. I hope people enjoy the Security Track I’ve put together. Guess I’ll know soon. … Continue reading

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Linux on Laptop working again

Oh, it’s a good night, thanks to some hard work by others (with me cheering along, and lending what little help I could), some hardware changes, and a little fiddling on my part, I’ve got Fedora Core 5 running VERY … Continue reading

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Security issue with IE

There are a couple of new security threats out for Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer. The primary one of concern is this one: Basically, if you click on a malicious website, that website could run any software it wants … Continue reading

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RFID tags can be infected with a computer virus

Oh, this is a good one. If you’re not familiar with RFID tags, they are tiny chips (tiny as in they can be woven into fabric so that they are invisible to careful scrutiny) that can help provide information on … Continue reading

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Security issue in GPG signed messages

Looks like there is a bug in GPG that would allow someone to inject misc. data into a cyptographically signed or encrypted message without invalidating the signature of the message. Basically, it means that checking the signature status of a … Continue reading

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Bad Ideas for Laws

Oh this is a good one.  Apparently, someone in the New Jersey Legislature has decided that true anonymous posting should be illegal. To make it more fun, the forum owner is the one that can be taken to court. So, … Continue reading

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Two cool new tools for SELinux

Well SELinux has begun the long needed improvement in simplification this week. Tresys Technology (I used to work for them for about a year), has released two new tools to make SELinux Policy writing easier. They are both very early … Continue reading

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Cell phone Trojan (Virus)

Well, here’s an interesting one, a cell phone Java based trojan. It’s not a huge threat at the moment (requires a lot of user interaction), but good to know about anyway: Description of Trojan This just means that like your … Continue reading

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