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No spellcheck on the EeePC 1000 40G

So been playing around more with my EeePC 1000.  Still really like it, but I’ve got two major complaints now besides the security issues I’ve mentioned before. There is NO English spellchecking installed for StarOffice.  The install of StarOffice includes … Continue reading

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Published another Grid Article

Wrote another article about Grids.  This one is about migrating from WS-RF to WS-RT.  It covers some of the general issues and components of each standard you’ll have to focus on and provides links to more detailed information for implementing … Continue reading

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New GAIM, uhm, I mean Pidgin

The latest version of Pidgin (used to be gaim) was released. I haven’t found any nice rpm’s for Fedora Core 6 yet (that would install) so I went ahead and made my own. No warranty whatsoever on anything about them. … Continue reading

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How to redirect a default WordPress URL

Ok, I was trying to help a friend who is replacing WordPress with another system and needed to redirect the WordPress URLs for old posts to the new URL and the new posts. Doesn’t seem like that would be too … Continue reading

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Security issue in GPG signed messages

Looks like there is a bug in GPG that would allow someone to inject misc. data into a cyptographically signed or encrypted message without invalidating the signature of the message. Basically, it means that checking the signature status of a … Continue reading

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