The Palm Treo 650 Rocks!

Ok, I figured I’d post this since I need some content, but I love my Treo 650. At some point I’ll add more information on what I’ve done with it (like syncing with linux and such), but for now, let’s just say it’s very cool.

Oh, here’s a good site for support and information on them:


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  1. Stephanie says:

    I have a Treo 650 also and I do not use it to its full potential. I don’t know what half the buttons do! I have it through work and I just use it as a back up cell phone and occasionally for the web browsing (to check email). I have it set up to access my email at work too. I need to start using it more. I never sync it with my computer since I may have to give it up to the next salesperson that comes along. It can be very handy though like on road trips when you don’t want to lug the laptop along.

  2. D-Caf says:

    Yeah, I’m still not using mine to it’s fullest. I did sync it with the computer and use is as a CellPhone and PDA, it’s nice only carring one gadget around. I have an unlocked GSM version so all I did was take the SIM card out of my old phone and stick it in the Treo, and now the treo has my number. Anyways, programs I’ve found to be very helpful for me are:

    Butler (adds extra functionality for control, like turning off the blinking led at night so I can sleep, and allowing me to lock my phone if it’s stolen)

    SplashID (to keep all my password encrypted so I can remember them, and so that no one can access them if my phone is stolen)

    TCPMP (to play video’s on my phone)

    Pocket Express (It downloads news and weather for me right before I wake up, so I can quickly check the weather for the day, plus read news, sports, get maps, phonenumbers, etc quickly)

    I just recently started using Pocket Express, and so far I like it, I’ve got the weather updates free for 1 year, on the rest for 30 days.

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