Mac OSX Security Issues

In case you missed it, some interesting things came out concerning Mac OSX security issues. Apparently, there is an issue where an web link or email attachment that may look like a file (say a jpeg image) can actually cause software to be run instead without a user knowing it. So, if you click on a link in safari or an attachment in Apple Mail, instead of seeing an image as you would expect, some form of malicous code could run on your computer with full user rights (admin rights if you user has admin permissions). And there is no warning to the user. Currently there is no patch, more info here:

Unpatched Mac OS X hole poses critical risk


Also affects Apple Mail

I should probably post these kinds of things closer to when I actually find out about them as opposed to weeks later. Still got to get used to this blog thing…


They fixed the security bug, and there is now a patch available from Apple, so no worries, just update 🙂 Article Here

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