Cool, I’m quoted in Network World, uncool, it’s got a small error…

A pretty good article about the upcoming LinuxWorld/OpenSolutions World Conference and expo came out in the online magazine Network World today. I was even quoted in it at the bottom of the second page. It was an interesting interview, and I believe I rambled on for way too long, but they managed to get my main point, that is, Security is about finding the right compromises, and there are good tools now and in the near future to help us get there.

Now there is one small issue, and I’m posting this as a correction. I am not currently working on development of SELinux technology. I am working on some policy stuff, but I am not active in the community development of the technology currently. I have worked on it in the recent past, and plan to continue in the near future (though I am thinking of helping out indirectly via SEDarwin). I just wanted to make that clear. I support SELinux, I’m trying to help promote and improve SELinux, but I’m not a core developer of the technology. There are others such as the NSA, Trusted Computer Solutions, IBM, Tresys Technology and several other groups and companies that are putting in the hard work to make this technology a reality in the production world.

Here is the article for those interested.

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