LinuxWorld/OpenSolutions World San Francisco 2006

Well, I just got back from LinuxWorld and have to say I had a great time. This was a much better show than Boston was. Actually, after attending this show I realized how much the Boston show lacked for attendance and things happening. I still think part of what killed the Boston show was the move out of New York to Boston, but now that that the Boston show has been dropped and the LinuxWorld Summit in New York set as a replacement, hopefully it will get back on track.

Anyways, had a lot of fun at a couple of the booths, notable were the Fedora guys, who willingly let me hose the FC6 test 2 box in the name of experimentation, the USENIX booth for some good information, and the Trolltech booth with their cool developer phone coming out soon. Outside of the actual show, I had a good time hanging out with Joshua Abraham (pbnj developer) and Jon “maddog” Hall. Both of them were very cool, and introduced me to several other very cool people. Unfortunately, I’m terrible with names, and besides Pixel (aka “Bob”), can’t remember who I had the pleasure of having dinner and hanging out with Wednesday evening. Here is a rather bad picture taken with my Treo at dinner of some of the folks:

LinuxWorld group at dinner in SanFrancisco

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