My Wii and a remote exploit?

Well, once again, I seem to be sparse on the posts. Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy with LinuxWorld Summit NY, or trying to get a new software project at work finished, or maybe cause I’m devoting my free time to my new Nintendo Wii. Well truthfully it’s a little of all the above (and a lot of getting my new software project working), but I did run across this little interesting tidbit:

I hadn’t seen this published broadly, but it appears that the version of opera currently under beta testing to Wii users (any Wii owner can download and play with Opera 9 on their Wii for free) has a vulnerability that can at minimum cause the Wii to hard lock. Currently there is no reported exploit that can run code on the Wii, which would normally be a threat from this exploit, and not clear if it ever will given that Game Consoles are usually pretty strict in what code is or isn’t allowed to run.

Anyways, interesting to see how the age of the desktop vulnerability has come to the game consoles world, even Nintendo. Wonder how long it takes them to issue a fix?

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