LinuxWorld NY down, FOSE 2007 down, two more to go..

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Ok, been a busy busy couple of months, two conferences down, two scheduled.

In February, I helped with the new LinuxWorld/OpenSolutions World Summit in NY. The show did pretty well, but the weather really messed it up (warning to others, don’t schedule a conference during a massive snow/ice storm, really messes things up LOL). I missed most of the first day when my 4 hour drive turned into around 8 hours, and I didn’t get to leave until 4 hours later than planned. The show’s presentation are are being pod casted here:

Next on the list was the FOSE 2007 show where I helped organize the non-profit booth. We handed out over 1,000 issues of Linux Journal with an intro to Linux flier, over 1000 CD/DVD Linux Distros, a couple dozen live FreeBSD CDs, and numerous other giveaways. We had some generally interested people talk to us and it’s nice to see more and more people actually know what Linux is and what OpenSource really means. Here’s some information on what we were doing:

Well, that takes care of what’s been happening, Now coming up this week is the ShmooCon conference:

I love this conference, has some great speakers, Bruce Potter and the rest of the Shmoo Group do an amazing job with it. Starts in about 3 hours, going to be a fun weekend!

Finally LinuxWorld/OpenSolutions World San Francisco 2007 is starting up. Hoping to get some real good speakers lined up for the Security track (which I’m track chair for). Anyways, not much to see, but here’s the site for that:

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