This weekend we decided to hit another high point. This time we drove up to Pennsylvania to Mount Davis. The highpoint is located in a State Forest and there are several hiking trails you can take. The trail/path to the highpoint is short though, maybe 200 feet from the parking lot. This was the first High Point that we took Muirna, our dog, to. She loves riding in cars and getting a chance to check out new areas. It was cool, but not cold and a little bit of wind. There is a sign next to the major road that appears to be marking the high point (in the first picture), but it’s not, you have to drive just a little further past to see the side road that leads up to the parking lot for the high point. The high point is marked by a big boulder (which I’m sitting on in one of the pictures below). Unfortunatly, I left the good digital camera at home, so had to resort to the Treo for pictures.

PA HighPoint Sign PA HighPoint