Aspire One up and running

So much for my concerted effort!

So small update, EeePC is gone, had to return it for work, but it was replaced with an Acer Aspire One.  I received the AOA110-1698.  This model comes with Linpus Linux Lite, 1GB Memory, 16GB SSD drive, and the 6 Cell big battery.  Linpus lite was fine, but I needed a full-blown Linux and it’s now running Fedora Core 10.  Even have SELinux running enabled on it as well as encrypted file systems.  Works very well, everything works except suspend to RAM right now.  Not too big a deal as hibernate (suspend to disk) works great.  Probably better to use that anyway, so that my battery lasts longer when I forget to plug it in when I get home.  Takes a little longer to get started up, but it runs reliably!  I’ll need to write a how-to on setting this up, just have to find time.

Next note, OpenSource world is looking good, just finished recruiting my last speaker so the Security Track is complete.  I really like the lineup this year; I’m happy with the track!

UPDATE: Suspend to RAM works very well now on the Aspire One, kernel update seems to have patched it.

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