Sharp MM20 sold… Aspire One doing well

I decided it was a little much having two “netbooks” around, so I sold my trusty Sharp MM20 (a netbook that came out before anyone heard of netbooks) to another MM20 owner with all the accessories.

So I’ve dedicated myself to the Acre Aspire One and it’s doing a great job.  One complaint was the horribly slow 16GB SSD drive that it came with.  It’s pitifully slow and loading a full blown Linux distro on it started showing its shortcomings.  Well this was solved by replacing the drive with a better performing RunCore based SSD drive.  Now the machine is quick and responsive.

I’ve loaded up Fedora 12 on the machine with “Desktop Effects” enabled, SELinux enforcing, and an encrypted hard drive via dm-crypt.  In truth, I notice no performance loss, it’s quick responsive and no stuttering.  Works great for Web Browsing, SSH sessions, and email.  That’s all I really need from a Netbook.  Oh and 5 hour battery life is no problem for this little 2.5lb machine.

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