Graduate School Complete!

Well after 2.5 years I just turned in my application to graduate from my Masters in Computer Science program at Georgetown University.

I started the program in the Fall of 2007 with my first class, Information Retrieval (Basically Search Engine and Data mining technologies).  Some of my favorite classes included Network Security, Information Warfare, Requirements Engineering, and Service Oriented Architecture.  Finished my studies up with an independent study revolving around Privacy and Information Control for Fall 2009.  Basically a cross between Information Warfare, Information Retrieval, and the privacy implications, with a little Java programming thrown in.

All grades are in (I did very well, even with being a new Dad to kids during this time period, thank you wife!), so the rest is just formalities.

Now I can get back to more of my volunteer and independent work as well as hobbies.

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I'm a computer geek, what more is there to say?
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